A warning against domestic child accidents

By Muhammad Abdel Mageed

Children do not fully realize the various hazards surrounding them everywhere

First: Children may have serious falls from a height, or tripping over on the same level

In order to prevent children from falling, we advise parents to do the following

Never leave tables or chairs close to windows or balconies

Never leave sticky substances on the home floor or on the bathroom floor

Train children how to go downstairs or upstairs safely and properly, and warn them against stair jumps

Put safety barriers for domestic use on windows, balconies, and other places form which children are used to look outside

Put safety barriers on places that we fear children may ascend to when crawling

Select floor tiles of good quality that protect against sliding

Keep floors free of water and soap. Do not leave children alone in the bathroom

Second: Cutting tools-related accidents

Cutting tools in the kitchen are of significant danger, and parents must watch out

In order to protect against cutting tools-related injuries, we should abide by the following

Keep away from children when using cutting tools as possible

Do not leave children mess around with kitchen cutting tools. Place them out of reach

Do not give children of younger age knifes or forks

Prevent children from chasing each other among pieces of furniture in rooms and corridors

Do not allow children to eat or drink in breakable dishes or bottles such as those of glass

Keep school stationery such as math tools in bags and in places designated for studying

Third: Drug poisoning

Emergency rooms in hospitals frequently see cases of children poisoned by drugs. They are between one year of age and four years. These cases of drug poisoning happened when there is no adequate domestic care of children, or when children take expired drugs

In order to protect against such hazards, parents should do the following

Place all drugs out of children’s reach

Do not keep drugs in hot places

Do not liken drugs to candies so that children do not think that drus are of sweet taste and can be taken any time

Get rid of expired drugs

Fourth: Electricity accidents

Electricity is an important source of power in our life, so we should deal with it carefully. Parents should not leave their children mess around with electrical appliances and wires. They should warn their children of electricity hazards in their early age

Prevention of electricity accidents include

Place electrical appliances and connections out of children’s reach as possible

Always be causious when children come close to electrical connections

Always be sure that electrical connections are good, and conform to specifications and measures

Avoid electrical overloads. Do not draw more electricity than a circuit can safely handle (such as electrical sockets)

Place electrical appliances on stable holders lest such appliances fall on children if they pull them

Do not touch electrical appliances with wet hands

Train children how to properly deal with electrical appliances

Do not use electrical appliances on wet floors. It is better to always wear shoes to prevent electrical shocks

Keep away from exposed cables

Fix electrical appliances, detect them regularly, and make sure they are good for use

Shut off the power to electrical appliances after you finish work

Hope everyone is safe

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